Friday, March 04, 2005

Infernal Intentions
Mar 4 to 31, 2005
Perihelion Arts, Phoenix, AZ

On-line Gallery #1

Artist Proof Merchandise:
Enchanted Tiki Room Ceramic Goblet
Enchanted Tiki Room Ceramic Totem Mug
"Julius + Rita" Paul Frank Handbag
Sip, Swig, Swill & Swallow boxed Shot Glass Set

Artist Proof Serigraphs:
Blue Miles
Consegna Espressa
The Coolest Ghouls
The Effects Of Space Radiation On Man-In-The-Moon Marriages
The Envious Girlfriend
The Game Of Life
Green Wahine
The Heavenly Host
Leeteg Tribute
The Missing Suitors
Night Birds
One Enchanted Evening
The Stairs
Three Black Crows
Twelve Stations Folio
Vice Monkeys
Vinegar Girl
Yanomami Hunter

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